Didim’s symbol is Medusa, the snake-haired woman from Greek legend whose gaze would turn the viewer to stone. There is a renowned pair of these Medusa figures: one is located in Istanbul’s Sunken Cistern, and the other can be seen at the Temple of Apollo in Didim.

Ancient mythology aside, Didim boasts some magnificent beaches and entertainment spots, chief among them the world-famous Altınkum beach.

You can explore the crystal-clear bays at your leisure or hire a boat tour, soaking in the many natural wonders and relics from the past. It is easy to spend a quiet and peaceful, but also affordable, holiday in Didim. A few noteworthy highlights to include on your visit are the Milet theater, the Tavstina bathhouse, and the ancient cities of Didyma, Miletos, and Priene.